About LearnAboutShoes.com

Hi! I’m Savannah Schroeder and I want to welcome you to Learn About Shoes!

I’ve always loved anything and everything about shoes and I hope to share my passion with you!

While the number of shoes I own is confidential, let’s just say that I’ve learned a lot about them over the last 10 years. I like to research and explore different shoe cleaning methods, and ways to protect my shoes and also experiment with lots of shoe insoles.

I also love to review different types of shoes for every occasion whether I’m walking on the beach, going to the gym, or taking a hike.

While I can’t afford to specifically purchase every single pair of shoes I’ll be reviewing on my website, I do extensive research and read lots of actual user reviews to help you make an informed choice!

I hope you’ve enjoyed visiting my website and that you’ll be back soon!

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