9 Best Sandals For The Beach

best sandals for the beach

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There’s nothing like a day at the beach. The sun, the sand, the waves…and the best part? No shoes are required!

But while you might not need footwear to enjoy the beach, the right pair of beach sandals can make all the difference in your experience. From avoiding blisters and hot sand to providing support for long walks along the shore, the ideal beach sandal can make your time by the water even more enjoyable.

Not sure where to start your search? I’ve got you covered with this list of the best sandals for the beach – so that you can have a fun, sun-filled summer!

Best Sandals For The Beach

BirkenStock EVA Leather Sandal

Birkenstock Arizona Unisex EVA Sandal A classic style that is both comfortable and breathable.

The leather straps are adjustable so that you can find the perfect fit. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns for both men and women.

Reef Fanning Sandal for Men – Another excellent option for the beach.

They have a cushioned footbed for comfort and a bottle opener built into the sole (handy for those beach parties!). They’re also available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Soludos Espadrille Sandal for WomenA more fashionable pair of beach sandals.

These sandals have beautiful lace-up detail and come in many different colors. They’re also super comfortable, thanks to the padded footbed.

Best Stylish and Chic Beach Sandals:

Anyone who wants to look stylish at the beach should definitely consider wearing chic sandals.

They are a great way to add a touch of style to any outfit, and they can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Of course, you may simply settle for something comfy and waterproof when thinking of beach sandals. However, if you are looking for a more stylish option, these sandals might not be the best choice.

Considering your needs and the activities you’ll be doing while you’re at the beach, you can make your selection.

1. Strappy Sandals To Show Off Your Pedicure!

Strappy sandals are a classic choice that will never go out of style. They’re perfect for showing off your pedicure and look great with just about everything. Whether you’re wearing a sundress or jeans, strappy sandals are the perfect finishing touch.

For a classic and strappy sandal, we recommend the Sam Edelman Gigi Sandal. These sandals come in several colors, so you can find the perfect one to match your outfit.

2. Gladiator Sandals For Women (for the Beach or Just a Casual Vibe)

Gladiator sandals are the perfect choice if you want to make a fashion statement at the beach. They come in a variety of styles and can be easily dressed up or down. Pair them with a cute sundress for a chic look or shorts and a tank top for a more casual vibe.

If you’re looking for a stylish sandal to wear to the beach, we recommend the Gladiator Sandal for the beach from Steve Madden. This sandal comes in several colors and styles, so you can find the perfect one to match your personal taste.

3. Ankle-Wrap Sandals To Make A Fashion Statement

These sandals are also great for making a fashion statement. They’re usually made from leather or suede. Dress them up with a flowy maxi dress, or keep it casual with denim cut-offs.

The Ankle-Wrap Sandal from Free People is an excellent choice for a stylish beach sandal. This sandal is made from leather or suede and has intricate details that make it unique.

Best Functional and Sporty Sandals:

If you are looking for a more functional and sporty sandal for the beach, then definitely consider one with supportive straps and a slip-resistant sole.

These features will help keep your feet comfortable and supported, even when walking on hot sand or wet surfaces.

1. Water Shoes For All Your Adventures

Water shoes are a must-have if you’re planning on doing any swimming or water activities. They protect your feet from rocks and other sharp objects and provide traction to prevent slipping on wet surfaces.

If you’re looking to wear functional and sporty beach shoes, we recommend the VIFUUR Quick Drying Water Shoes. This lightweight pair of sandals is perfect for water activities, as it has a quick-drying feature.

2. Hiking Sandals For Outdoor Fun!

Hiking sandals are a great choice if you love spending time outdoors. They have thick soles that provide support and stability, and they also have straps that keep your feet secure.

Whether hiking through the woods or just taking a walk on the beach, Speedo’s Men’s Surfwalker 3.0 will keep your feet comfortable the whole time.

3. Athletic Sandals For The Active Folks

Athletic sandals are perfect for active people who want a little bit of support and stability. They usually have thicker soles than other sandals, and they often have straps that wrap around the ankle for added support.

The Teva Tirra Athletic Sandal for Women is a great choice for an active person. This sandal has a thicker sole for support and stability, and it also has straps that wrap around the ankle.

Popular Types Of Beach Sandals

Popular Types Of Sandals Available On The Market
Image Source – Amazon

There are a few different types you can choose from when it comes to sandals.

1. Beach Flip Flops

Flip-flops are the simplest and most popular type of sandal. So easy to slip on and off, they’re perfect for days when you just want to relax by the water.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more substantial, there are also strappy sandals available.

2. Strappy Sandals

These have multiple straps that go around your foot, offering more support than flip-flops. They’re ideal for days when you’ll be doing a lot of walking or standing, as they’ll help to keep your feet comfortable.

3. Slides

Slides are a type of sandal with no straps or closures. They slip on and off easily, and they’re perfect for days when you want to be able to take your shoes on and off quickly.

However, because they don’t have any straps, they might not provide as much support as other types of sandals.

4. Water Shoes

Specifically designed for water, these shoes are usually made from quick-drying materials and have drain holes to prevent them from getting waterlogged.

They’re ideal for activities like swimming or stand-up paddleboarding, as they’ll protect your feet from the elements.

These are not typically sandals so see my guide on the best water shoes for the beach if you are looking specifically for water shoes.

What’s the Difference Between Sandals, Flip-Flops, and Slides?

  • Sandals typically have a strap around the angle so they will stay on your feet the best.
  • Flip-Flops are actually a type of sandal but they have no strap around the ankle to hold the back in place. So when you are walking you get that flip-flopping sound. They are held to your foot with a “Y” shaped strap that fits between your toes.
  • Slides are typically a bit wider than flip-flops and have a single, wide strap that overlaps the front of your foot close to the toes.

In my review of the best sandals for the beach, I’ll cover each of these different styles.

How To Choose The Right Pair Of Beach Sandals?

lightweight beach flip-flops and sandals

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the best pair of sandals for a day at the beach. Here are a few tips:

1. Comfort is key. You’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet, so you’ll want to ensure your sandals are comfortable. Look for sandals with padded soles and straps that won’t rub against your skin.

2. Breathability is also essential. You don’t want your feet to get too sweaty, so look for sandals with breathable materials.

3. Make sure they’re easy to put on and take off. You’ll be taking your sandals on and off a lot, so you don’t want to spend much time fiddling with them. Look for sandals with straps that can be easily adjusted.

4. Finally, choose a style that you like! There are plenty of cute and trendy sandals, so find a pair you love.

stylish beach sandals

What Features Should You Look For in a Beach Sandal?

The perfect sandal for the beach must have certain features to be truly great, some of them being:

1. Supportive straps – This will support your feet and keep them in place, even when wet.

2. Comfortable – You’ll be doing a lot of walking on the beach, so your sandals must be comfortable. Look for a pair with cushioned footbeds and arch support.

3. Durable – A good pair of sandals should last you several seasons. Look for a pair made from high-quality materials like leather sandals or rubber soles.

4. Breathable – Your feet will sweat more in the summer heat, so choosing a pair of breathable sandals is essential. Look for sandals with mesh uppers or vents to keep your feet cool and dry.

5. Slip-resistant – A good pair of beach sandals should have a slip-resistant sole to prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces.

6. Water-friendly – If you plan on getting in the water, look for a pair of beach sandals that are water-resistant or even waterproof.

7. Easy to clean – Since you’ll be wearing your sandals in the sand and surf, choosing a pair that is easy to clean is essential.

8. Stylish – Just because you’re wearing sandals doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. There are many cute and stylish sandals available that will look great with your summer wardrobe.

9. Versatile – The best sandals are versatile and can be worn with various outfits.

10. Affordable – A great pair of sandals don’t have to break the bank. There are many affordable options available that won’t put a dent in your wallet.

The Perks Of Wearing Sandals At The Beach

There are many benefits of wearing sandals at the beach:

  1. Sandals provide ventilation for your feet, which helps to prevent them from getting too hot.
  2. Beach sandals will give the bottom of your feet some protection from the hot sand.
  3. They allow you to show off your pedicure.
  4. Sandals are versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

So get a pair of travel sandals and enjoy the sunny weather in style!

perfect beach sandal options

The Best Beach Sandals FAQs

As the summer heat ramps up, so does the search for the best beach sandals. Here are the answers to most asked questions to help you on your hunt:

What materials are best for beach sandals?

You’ll want to look for sandals made of materials like leather or rubber, as these will stand up best to salt water and sand.

How much should I expect to spend on a good pair of beach sandals?

You can expect to spend anywhere from $30-$100 on a good pair of beach sandals.

I have sensitive skin; what kind of sandal straps should I look for?

Look for straps made of a soft material like cotton or neoprene. These will be much more gentle on your skin than something like leather or nylon.

What are some travel tips to take care of your sandals?

When traveling with sandals, it is best to pack them in a shoe bag to keep them clean and protected. You will also want to ensure they are completely dry before packing them away.

If you are traveling by airplane, it is best to put them in your carry-on bag so that baggage handlers do not damage them.

What’s the best way to clean sandy sandals?

Rinse them off with fresh water as soon as possible, then let them air dry. If they’re still looking a little dirty, you can scrub them gently with a toothbrush and soapy water.

You might also be interested in my guides on how to clean suede shoes, or how to clean leather shoes.

How to keep your shoes looking new after returning from the beach?

One of the best ways to keep your shoes looking new after returning from your beach vacation is to clean them and apply a protectant. If your beach sandals happen to be white, check out my white shoe cleaning article for some tips.

To clean your sandals, you can use a damp cloth to wipe them down. Be sure to avoid getting the straps wet, as this can cause them to stretch out.

To apply a protectant, you can use a spray or a cream. If you are using a spray, be sure to spray it on evenly and then allow it to dry completely.

If you use a cream, rub it in evenly and then buff it with a cloth.

With proper care, your sandals should last for many summers to come!

How to keep your sandals in good condition?

To keep your sandals in good condition, storing them in a cool, dry place is best. You will also want to avoid storing them in direct sunlight, which can cause the material to break down over time.

It is also best to avoid getting them wet unless you are wearing them, as this can cause the material to deteriorate. Check out my picks for the best beach water shoes for safe swimming shoes.

Final Thoughts

beach sandals

Choosing the right pair of sandals for the beach doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep in mind what activities you’ll be doing and what kind of support you need.

With so many great options on the market, you’re sure to find a pair that’s perfect for you. Happy beaches!

Do you have a favorite pair of beach sandals? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to take a look at them.

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