Katy Perry Shoes Review

Katy Perry Shoe Collection Review 2022

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If you’re a big fan of Katy Perry, then you know that she’s not afraid to take risks when it comes to her fashion and style. And that extends to her shoe brand, Katy Perry Collections.

In this Katy Perry shoes review, I’ll look closely at Katy Perry Collections to see what the line offers and share a few of my personal best picks.

The Katy Perry shoe line includes a variety of shoes, from high heels and sneakers to flats and sandals. And while some of the designs are more wearable than others, there’s definitely something for everyone in the collection.

The Katy Perry Collection has been a huge hit this year. The shoes are colorful, stylish, and comfortable. In addition, they come in various styles to suit every taste. The shoes are as dazzling as their names – The Gold Pumps, Scalloped Shells, Sneakers called Rizzo, Geli Sandals, and many more.

They have quickly become a favorite among women of all ages and are perfect for any occasion, from formal events to everyday wear. Reviewers have raved about the quality and comfort of the shoes, as well as their unique style.

The spring collection has been met with mixed reviews. While some people love the new arrivals for their fun patterns, others find them to be a bit too juvenile. However, one thing is for sure – Katy Perry Collections is generating a lot of buzz. Keep reading to see if these shoes are right for you.

Katy Perry Shoes Review

New Arrivals from Katy Perry Shoes Collection
Image Source – Katy Perry Collections

When it comes to finding fashionable and comfortable shoes, Katy Perry’s shoe line has something for everyone. The quality of the shoes in Katy Perry Collections is awe-inspiring. The materials are all high-quality, and the construction is excellent.

I’ve worn several pairs of Katy Perry shoes myself, and I can attest to their comfort and durability. Yes, I’m a shoe fanatic with spending issues. At least I’m not in denial (haha).

In addition to being made with quality materials, the Spring line is also very comfortable. The company takes great care in ensuring that their shoes fit well and provide enough support throughout the day. This ensures you will not have to deal with uncomfortable rubbing or chafing.

Design and Aesthetics

One of the things that I love about the Katy Perry Shoe Collection is that the designs are all very unique. So you won’t find any boring, basic shoes here!

The line includes a mix of fun and flirty low heels, edgy sneakers, high heels, and playful flats. And while some of the designs are definitely riskier than others, we think they’re all incredibly stylish.

We also love the use of color and pattern in the spring collection. Katy Perry is a true fashion icon for her bold fashion choices, bringing that same sense of style to her shoes. From bright colors to statement prints, there is no shortage of personality in the collection.

Katy Perry Heels Review

Size and Width

Katy Perry shoes have a wide variety of size ranges. The shoes come in sizes 5-12 for women. In addition, they offer wide widths for those who need it.

This is great news for women with big feet, as it can be difficult to find fashionable shoes in their size.


Most styles in the Katy Perry collection come at affordable prices. You can find a stylish pair that fits your budget with various styles to choose from. And while some of the designs are more expensive than others, the overall price point is very reasonable. The shoes range in price from about $58 dollars and top out at about $160.

If you are looking for a new pair of amazing and stylish shoes, Katy Perry Collection is definitely worth considering. With so many different variations to choose from, you are sure to find shoes that will suit your taste and needs.

You can buy Katy Perry Shoes on Amazon.

Best Katy Perry Shoe Picks

Now that we’ve taken a closer look at what the Katy Perry Collection has to offer let’s take a look at some of our favorite picks from the line.

1. Katy Perry Rizzo Sneakers

Katy Perry Rizzo Sneakers Review

I absolutely love the Rizzo sneakers pictured above! They’re perfect for a casual day out, and they’re also very comfortable. It has a flexible rubber outsole, which makes it perfect for everyday wear. Plus, the Nappa leather gives it a luxurious look and feel. I wear mine all the time.

I highly recommend these Lace Up Katy Perry Rizzo sneakers on Amazon if you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of sneakers!

2. Katy Perry Scalloped Shell Shoes

Katy Perry Scalloped Shell Heels

These Scalloped Shell heels from the Katy Perry collection are simply gorgeous! They would be perfect for a night out or a special occasion. The heel is scalloped and detailed with a shell, and it’s made of patent stingray leather. Is this a sandal or a heel? I guess you can decide. LOL

It has a synthetic rubber sole and comes in various colors. Not only is it a beautiful sandal, but it’s also extremely comfortable. I think you’ll love these sandals!

Having said that, they are not for everyone if you are looking for a more conservative shoe. These will draw some attention or “where did you get those” type questions.

You can browse a few of these shoes on Amazon.

3. Katy Perry Tooliped Bow Dress Sandal

I love the delicate feminine details of The Katy Perry Tooliped Bows.

Pair this style with your favorite denim or flowy dress for an effortlessly chic look. These Katy Perry shoes are a quirky and fun take on the classic bow sandal.

It is a slide sandal with three straps and bows on top. The straps are made of a soft, pliable material that will hug your foot and keep it in place. The Tooliped Bow Dress Sandal comes in several colors and is perfect for any summer outfit.

4. Katy Perry Golden Pumps

A classic pump with a modern twist, the Katy Perry Golden Pump shoe is perfect for any occasion.

It has a synthetic rubber sole and a sleek, pointed toe. The heel is made of high-quality materials and construction, which makes it highly comfortable.

The Golden Pumps come in several colors and has a padded lining for extra comfort. It’s the perfect shoe to wear to the office or a special event. You can’t go wrong with this classic pump!

5. Katy Perry Geli Flat Sandals

Katy Perry Geli Sandals review

Hands down, these are the most popular and best-selling Katy Perry sandals for casual wear. The Katy Perry Geli Flat Sandals (also sometimes called the “jelly sandal”) are perfect for the summer!

They have a synthetic sole and a toe post thong design. The quarter strap is adjustable and has a buckle closure. The sole is flexible and has a scented insole for extra comfort.

The Katy Perry Geli Flat Sandals come in several colors and styles, too, making them perfect for any summer outfit. They’re comfortable, stylish, and smell great! You’ll love these sandals!

Check out the complete Katy Perry Geli Sandal collection today and see for yourself why they’re such a hit. There is also a new Gelie flip-flop version of this sandal.

Are Katy Perry Shoes Worth The Cost?

Are Katy Perry Shoes Worth the Cost?

Overall, I think the style of the Katy Perry launched shoe collection is fun and youthful. There are a lot of bold colors and prints, as well as some funky designs in their most authentic version.

This makes the shoes perfect for young women who want to add a bit of personality to their outfits. However, I think some of the styles may be too over-the-top for some people, so it’s essential to pick the right pair for your individual style.

If you’re looking for a new pair of wonderful and stylish shoes to add to your collection, the Katy Perry Shoe Collection is a great option.

If you have a pair of Katy Perry shoes, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. You can leave your own Katy Perry shoe review in the comments section below! All the best!

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  1. I love the shoes. I spend $400 and have been trying for two weeks to exchange one pair. My work is very taxing and I don’t have time to chase a reputable company. They have lost a good customer, doubtful I will every order again. I sent my last email tonight and am planning on charging back the shoes on my credit card.

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