Vintage Havana Sneakers Review & Best Picks of 2023

Vintage Havana Sneakers Review

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Regarding sneakers, there are few brands as iconic as Nike. However, Nike is not the only game in town. The Vintage Havana shoe brand is quickly becoming a major player in the sneaker world.

While Nike is a household name, Vintage Havana sneakers are more of an underground brand. That said, the Vintage Havana sneakers options are well worth checking out.

In this Vintage Havana sneakers review, I’ll cover why you should check out this shoe brand. I’ll also share my best picks for 2023, go over some pros & cons, and cover some FAQs. Let’s get started!

Are Vintage Havana Sneakers Worth It?

Vintage Havana sneakers, Golden Goose Dupes
Source: The Business of Fashion

Yes, I think Vintage Havana sneakers are definitely worth it. To get straight to the point, I love the way Vintage Havana shoes look, and I also love that I didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for them!

They offers the best Golden Goose dupes you are going to find at a much lower price point.

One of the reasons Golden Goose sneakers are a rage on social media is because they offer a unique style that is not available from mainstream brands. In addition, Golden Goose sneakers are often made from high-quality materials.

However, Golden Goose sneakers typically cost hundreds of dollars (often times $500+), which is why many people look for Golden Goose dupes or alternatives. If you have that kind of money to spend, you can find some of the Golden Goose brand sneakers on Amazon.

Vintage Havana sneakers offer an excellent alternative to Golden Goose sneakers. You can find them at a fraction of the price, and they offer very similar styles.

Vintage Havana is made from natural leather to match Golden Goose’s feel, and it keeps launching new styles to keep up.

Vintage Havana sneakers often have unique styles that are no longer available from most mainstream brands. This can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. Frankly, they just look cool.

If you’re looking for a unique sneaker with lots of history and close dupes to shoes from luxury brands like Golden Goose sneakers, then Vintage Havana sneakers are worth checking out!

Best Vintage Havana Sneakers For 2023

1. Vintage Havana Bonnie Sneakers

This is a mid-star sneaker with a laminated heel tab and glittery laces

Vintage Havana Bonnie sneakers review

Vintage Havana’s Bonnie sneakers give the classy leather look you will love without the distressing look of Golden Goose sneakers.

It has a rubber footbed, leather upper, and artificial lining. The sneaker has a lace-up closure with a zipper on the side.

Learn More or Get the Vintage Havana Bonnie Sneakers

2. Vintage Havana Rollin Sneakers

Vintage Havana Owen sneakers review

While the Bonnie sneakers impart a casual style to your outfit, the Vintage Havana Rollin’ sneakers will impart a retro vibe to your style.

It has a classic low-top design, a lace-up closure, and a perforated toe box. The Rollin’ sneakers are 50% fit true to size and provide moderate arch support. In addition, the sneakers have a lace-up closure for a better fit.

Learn More or Get the Vintage Havana Bonnie Sneakers

3. Vintage Havana Owen Sneakers


The Vintage Havana Owen sneakers have a unique design that will turn heads.

It has a lace-up closure, foam padding under the tongue, and the ankle collar provides a super easy and comfortable fit. The midsole is cushioned for impact, and the outsole is flexible, with rubber traction.

The shoes will make your athletic routine extremely comfortable, and the leather upper will make it a day and night shoe.

The sneaker has a subtle chain detail which gives it a more luxurious touch, similar to Golden Goose sneakers.

Learn More or Get the Vintage Havana Owen Sneakers

Vintage Havana Sneakers Customer Reviews

I read reviews before purchasing anything, especially if it is a big investment such as sneakers. Here are some reviews from customers of Vintage Havana Sneakers from popular sites:

“I absolutely love my Vintage Havana Bonnie sneakers! I LOVE these shows! The first time I wore them, I received so many compliments. They are true to size and, from what I can tell so far, pretty comfy! Will definitely be getting another pair.”

Mary Whitely

“I have been wanting this pair of Vintage Havana Rollin’ Sneakers for a while now.. I was so excited to get to wear them today”


As you can see, people who have purchased Vintage Havana sneakers absolutely love them!

They are comfortable, stylish, and a great alternative to super pricey Golden Goose sneakers.

Vintage Havana Review (My Pros & Cons)

Vintage Havana Sneakers Pros:

The Best Dupes Of Golden Goose Sneakers

If you’re looking for a cheaper but still stylish option to Golden Goose sneakers, Vintage Havana is the brand for you. Their shoes are made with real leather, so they match the quality feel of Golden Goose, and new styles are constantly dropping.

You will also find the exact ones you can order at normal size and half the price and enjoy the savings!

Vintage Havana Sneakers Are Affordable

Vintage Havana Sneakers cost $100-$200, which is less than half the price of a Golden Goose sneaker. So you can save that money and invest in a cool outfit to match.

We recommend better deals and discounts on the Vintage Havana website than in other places.

Vintage Havana Shoes Don’t Compromise On Quality

A Vintage Havana shoe provides a similar look and feel to a much more expensive vintage shoe, but they are still very high quality.

Vintage Havana Sneakers Cons:

There Are Not Going to Be An Exact Dupe to Golden Goose Sneakers

One downside to Vintage Havana sneakers is that they are not an exact replica of Golden Goose sneakers. That would be illegal. But, they are close enough in design and quality that they are definitely worth the purchase.

Not True To Size

Some customers have complained that the Vintage Havana sneakers are not true to size, which reduces the wear time. The sizing chart was not helpful, and they had to review and purchase again after getting the wrong size.

Tips For Cleaning Vintage Havana Sneakers

How to clean Vintage Havana sneakers
Source: Vintage Havana

If your shoes get too dirty, you can use a mild soap and water solution on a soft cloth to clean them.

You should avoid harsh chemicals or cleaners, which can damage the leather.

For best results, let your Havana Sneakers air dry. Putting them in the dryer may cause damage to your shoes.

You might also enjoy my article on how to clean white shoes or my article specifically on cleaning leather shoes.

Vintage Havana Sneakers – FAQs

Are Vintage Havana Sneakers Comfy?

Yes! The sneaker has a flexible outsole and rubber traction, which makes it highly comfortable to wear. The leather upper also makes it a day and night shoe.

Do Vintage Havana Sneakers Run True To Size?

Some customers have found that the shoes run small, so you may want to order a size up. However, it is always best to consult the size chart before you make your purchase.

When Will My Vintage Havana Shoes Arrive?

Vintage Havana ships orders through UPS/USPS, and you will receive them within three to six business days. Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.

Is Vintage Havana A Copy Of Golden Goose?

No, Vintage Havana is not an exact copy of Golden Goose sneakers. Instead, they are two different brands that have similar styles of vintage sneakers. However, Vintage Havana offers a much better price than Golden Goose.

What Is The Returns Policy For Vintage Havana Sneakers?

If unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return the shoes within 14 days for a refund or exchange. The shoes must be in new condition and returned in their original packaging. Shipping charges are non-refundable, and final sale merchandise is not eligible for exchange or returns.

It is advisable to check the returns policy for the item before purchasing it.

Is Vintage Havana a Luxury Brand?

No, Vintage Havana is not a luxury brand but most people won’t know that. They have the Golden Goose sneaker look to them. I personally wouldn’t know if you bought them from Golden Goose for hundreds of dollars or not.

Vintage Havana offers a great alternative to Golden Goose shoes for those looking for a less expensive option.

Vintage Havana Sneakers – My Final Thoughts

Vintage Havana sneakers review, final thoughts

Thanks for checking out my Vintage Havana Sneakers guide!

I hope you found my reviewed sneaker picks helpful in finding a great alternative to the famous luxury sneakers.

Keep an eye on our website, as I will update it with new deals and discounts on Vintage Havana sneakers.

I personally recommend the Vintage Havana Bonnie Sneakers because they feature a classy leather look, comfortable rubber soles, and a zipper for easy wear. You can’t go wrong with these versatile shoes!

While the Vintage Havana official website is going to have the latest styles and the best selection, you can also compare pricing on the Vintage Havana Amazon store.

Have you purchased some shoes from Vintage Havana? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and/or for you to send me a picture of you wearing them!

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