Do Timberlands Run Big or Small? 2023 Timbs Boot Sizing

Do Timberlands Run Big or Small

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When it comes to boots, there’s no one better to trust than Timberland. They know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting quality boots that will keep your feet warm and comfortable all day long.

This iconic brand has been churning out top-quality footwear since 1952, and its signature yellow boots are now synonymous with durability and style. But do Timberlands run big or small? 

Some say that Timberlands run a bit large, while others say they run true to size. So, which is it?

The answer to that question really depends on the person. In this blog post, I’ll explore the different opinions on the matter and give you my own take on Timberland boots sizing and fit.

Do Timberlands Run Big or Small?

Timberland boots are kind of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears when it comes to size – sometimes they’re too big, sometimes too small, and sometimes just right.

It can be tough to find the perfect sized Timberland, but luckily I’ve done some extensive research on the subject, so you don’t have to. Here’s what I’ve found:

  • For the most part, Timberland boots tend to run big. This means that if you usually wear a US size 8 shoe, you might want to try a size 7.5 in Timberland boots.
  • Of course, this isn’t always the case – every foot is different, and you may find that Timberland’s sizing varies depending on the style of Boot you’re looking at.
  • For example, their Classic 6″ Boot tends to fit a little bit larger than other styles like the Earthkeepers 2.0 Boot.

How Do Timberland Boots Fit?

As far as width is concerned, Timberlands tend to be on the wider side. This means they’re a great option for people with wider feet or those who simply prefer a little more room in their shoes. If you have narrower feet, you may want to go with a size that’s at least half a size smaller than what you normally wear.

Here are the official sizing charts for Timberlands for men and women below.

Timberland Boots Men’s Sizing Chart

Timberlands Sizing Chart for Men

Timberland Boots Women’s Sizing Chart

Timberlands Sizing Chart for Women

In general, Timberlands are very well-made boots that offer a great fit, good support, and plenty of room for wider feet. So if you’re looking for a new pair of boots to add to your wardrobe, Timberlands are definitely worth checking out.

Here’s an overview of Timberland boots sizing for men, women, or kids:

  • For Men: They usually fit bigger than your average. If you normally wear a size 10 sneaker, you might want to try a size 9.5 in Timberlands. This will ensure that your boots are snug and won’t slip off when you’re walking in snow or mud.
  • For Women: Women’s boots are narrower than the men’s version. I’d recommend going down half a size when buying a pair of Timberlands. This will give you a more comfortable and secure fit.
  • For Kids: Timberland boots fit right. However, kids tend to outgrow faster, so it’s ideal to go for half a size up instead of going for a smaller size.

Popular Styles Of Timberland Boots And Their Boot Size

Classic Timberland Boots

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of Timberlands, there are many factors that come into play. Not only do you have to consider the style of the Boot, but also the size. With so many different styles and sizes available, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you.

To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve put together a guide on the most popular styles that Timberland offers if their boots fit true to size.


This classic Timberland style has been a bestseller for decades, and it’s easy to see why. The Timberland Premium 6-Inch Waterproof Boots are built to last, with a rugged leather exterior and waterproof seam-sealed construction. They’re also lined with 400 grams of PrimaLoft insulation, so your feet will stay warm even in cold weather.

The Timberland Premium 6-inch Waterproof Boots are a great pair of boots that fit very large. However, I would recommend getting a full-size smaller if you plan on purchasing these boots.

You can find this best-selling Timberland boot on Amazon or Zappos


If you’re looking for a more casual boot, the Newmarket II Chukka Timberlands might be a good option. These shoes have a laid-back look, but they’re still built with Timberland’s usual quality and attention to detail. They’re made with premium full-grain leather, and they have a rubber lug outsole for traction and durability.

The Newmarket II Chukka Boots are a great boot, but they do run a little bit large. I would recommend going a size down, but if you have a wider foot, then you may order your actual size for a comfortable fit.


Timberland Pro Titan Boots

If you need a boot that can stand up to tough conditions, the Timberland Pro Endurance 6″ Work Boot is worth a look. These boots are made with a waterproof leather upper, and they have a slip-resistant outsole that’s designed for traction on uneven surfaces. They also have an anti-fatigue insole for comfort, and they’re available in wide widths for a better fit.

These heavy-duty boots can mean that you are extra safe at your work. Besides, these Timberlands run true to size. So, there is no need to go down or up a size in this Boot. Besides, the shoes have enough room to fit, so your usual size should be ideal even if you have wider feet.


This Timberland Waterproof Boot is another great option for people who need a boot that can handle tough conditions. These boots have a waterproof leather upper, and they’re lined with a breathable mesh to keep your feet cool and dry.

They also have a titanium alloy toe for protection, and they’re available in wide widths. The Titan Alloy Toe Waterproof Work Boot is a great lightweight workboot that runs about 1/2 size smaller than average. I would recommend going up half the size than your usual size.


The GreenStride TBL Originals Ultra Waterproof Timberlands are a great choice if you need a boot that’s both stylish and functional. These boots have a classic design, but they’re made with modern materials like waterproof full-grain leather and a lightweight EVA outsole. They also have a recycled PET lining, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Greenstride™ TBL® Originals Ultra Waterproof Boots are another great lightweight waterproof boot that runs about 1/2 size big. So, I would also recommend you buy half a size bigger. And if you have wide feet, you may find these boots being too narrow, so you can go for a full-size big in such a case.


The Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Boot is a great choice for those looking for a boot that will provide both style and function. In addition, the Boot features a waterproof leather upper, making it ideal for wet or snowy conditions.

This Waterproof Boot also has a padded collar and tongue for added comfort and a durable rubber outsole. The best part is, that these great all-around waterproof boots are true to size. You should not need to go down or up a size in this particular Boot.


Timberland boots are known for their high quality and durability, and the Earthkeepers® Original 6-Inch Leather Boots are no exception. These hiking boots are made of nubuck leather, making them tough enough to withstand even the harshest conditions, while the OrthoLite® footbed ensures you’ll be comfortable all day long.

And with a versatile style that can be dressed up or down, these boots are perfect for any occasion. These classic Timberlands run big, too, so make sure you order at least a half-size smaller than your usual one.

My Experience With A Pair Of Timberland Boots

Timberland Waterproof Boot and Shoe

I got my first pair of Traditional yellow boots from Timberland over 10 years ago, and I still have them. I remember when I first saw the ad for them, I knew I had to have a pair. At the time, I was always on the trail, hiking around, and needed a good, tough pair of boots. And that’s exactly what Timberland delivered.

I still love wearing my Timberland boots. They’re incredibly comfortable and versatile. I’ve worn them while hiking, biking, and even snowboarding. And they always keep my feet warm and dry.

If you’re looking for a good pair of boots, I highly recommend Timberlands. Because they are so well made, you likely won’t need any additional hiking insoles for extra support either.

Just make sure you get the right size. I tried my usual shoe size, but it was too wide for me, so I had to size it down. Other than that, these boots fit perfectly.

If you are still not sure if Timberlands are right for you, I also have become a fan of Nortiv 8 hiking boots.

Tips To Get The Right Size Timberlands

When shopping for Timberland boots, getting the right size is key to both comfort and style. Here are a few tips on how to get the perfect fit:

1. Know your foot measurements.

Before you even start trying on boots, it’s important to know your foot’s width and length. You can measure your feet at home with a tape measure or stop by a shoe store and have a professional do it. Once you have your measurements, refer to Timberland’s size chart to find the right boot size.

2. Consider the width of your feet.

In addition to knowing your foot length, it’s also important to take into account its width. If you have narrow feet, look for Timberland boots that are labeled “narrow” or “B” for width. On the other hand, if you have wide feet, go for boots with a “wide” or “D” width.

3. Try on different sizes.

Even if you’re pretty confident about your foot measurements, it’s always best to try on Timberland shoes before you buy them. This way, you can be sure that they’re comfortable and that your shoe fits well. Also, when trying on boots, wear the socks that you’ll be wearing with them most often. This will give you the most accurate sense of how the boots will feel when worn.

4. Ask for help from a sales associate.

If you’re still unsure about what size Timberland boots to buy, you can always ask for help from the store’s sales associate. They’ll be happy to assist you in finding the ideal fit.

By following these tips, you can be sure to find the right size Timberland boots for you. With a great fit, you’ll be able to enjoy your boots for years to come.

How To Break In Timberland Boots?

No matter what you’re doing, the last thing you want to worry about is your feet. Timberland boots are comfortable and stylish, but they can also be stiff and take some time to break in. Here are a few tips on how to break in your Timberland boots so you can get out there and enjoy your day.

1. Wear them around the house

One of the best ways to break in your Timberland boots is to wear them around the house simply. This gives you a chance to get used to the feel of the boots and work on breaking them in gradually. After a few days of wearing them around the house, you should notice that they start to feel more comfortable.

2. Use a boot insert

If you find that your Timberland boots are still feeling a bit stiff, try using a boot insert. This can help to break in the boots and make them more comfortable. You can find boot inserts at most shoe stores or online.

3. Wear them with thick socks

Another great way to break in your Timberland boots is to wear them with thick socks. This will help to protect your feet from the rubbing that can occur when breaking in new boots. After a few days of wearing them with thick socks, you should notice that the boots start to feel more comfortable.

4. Use a boot stretcher

If you’re still having difficulty breaking in your Timberland boots, try using a boot stretcher. This is a tool that you can use to help stretch out the boots and make them more comfortable. You can find boot stretchers at most shoe stores or online. I also wrote an article about the best ways to stretch your shoes.

You could also try one of the best shoe stretching sprays.

5. Give them time

It’s important to remember that breaking in new boots takes time. Don’t expect your Timberland boots to be instantly comfortable. With a little bit of patience and effort, you’ll be able to break into your boots and enjoy them for many years to come.

Final Verdict – Timberland Boots Run Big

Timberland Boots are Durable

Timberlands are some of the best boots I’ve owned in my life.

Different wearers will have different opinions on the overall fit of Timberlands, but in general, Timberlands run big. So, if you’re debating between two sizes, it’s usually best to go with the smaller of the two.

That said, Timberland boots are generally very comfortable and offer a good amount of support, so even if you do end up getting a pair that’s a little too big, you shouldn’t have any major issues.

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion around Timberland boot sizing.

If you are shopping around online, I suggest buying Timberlands from Amazon or Zappos because of their great return policies.

Let me know in the comments how your Timberlands fit for you!

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