Do Yeezys Run Big or Small (or True to Size)? 2023 Sizing Guide

do yeezys run big or small

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Whether you’re a sneakerhead or not, you’ve probably heard of Yeezys. With all the rift going on between Adidas and Ye, it’s quite difficult not to hear about Yeezy sneakers.

These slides and shoes created by rapper Kanye West have taken the world by storm, with people queuing up for hours to get their hands on a pair.

They are often sold out within minutes of their release and have a massive following among celebrities and fashionistas alike. And, it’s soon going to announce a new release date!

But do Yeezys run big or small? In this Yeezy Size Guide, we’ll look at the truth about Yeezy sizing and tell you whether you should buy a size up or down.

Yeezy Size Guide: Do Yeezys Fit Big, Small, or True to Size?

When it comes to sneakers, there are few brands as iconic and famous as Yeezy. The brainchild of rapper Kanye West, Yeezys have become a must-have for sneakerheads and fashionistas alike.

But one question that often comes up about these shoes is: do they run big, small, or true to size?

Sizing for Yeezys can vary a lot depending on the style of shoe, so it’s essential to read up on how each type fits before making a purchase.

There are a few factors that can affect how a sneaker fits, such as the width of the shoe, the length of the shoe, and the shape of the toe box. 

In general, Yeezys run small. So, if you’re in between sizes, it’s usually best to go a half size larger.

That said, some people find that Yeezys are true to size or even a little bit big. It all depends on your individual foot shape and preferences.

To help you out, we’ve put together a guide on how different types of Yeezy shoes fit.

Popular Styles From Yeezy and Their Shoe Sizing

There are a few popular styles from Yeezy that keep selling out, so we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of the sizing for each model.

1. Yeezy Boost 350 Series Sizing

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s is the most popular style of Yeezys. They’re built with a Primeknit upper and a Boost Sole, and they’re designed to be comfortable and stylish.

The Yeezy 350 V2 is one of the most popular styles of the Yeezy 350s, and it comes in both men’s and women’s sizes.

The shoe is a bit snug offering a sock-like fit, so we recommend going up half a size if you’re between sizes. According to most reports, the V2s run small and are best suited for people who typically wear a size smaller than their usual size.

So, if you’re usually a size 9, you may want to go with an 8 in the V2s. An alternative that will go true to size is the Yeezy 350 Boost V1.

The Yeezy 350 v1 is an older style of Yeezys that’s still popular today. They also come in a variety of colors.

2. Yeezy 700 Boot Sizing

The Yeezy Boost 700s are another popular style of Yeezys. These shoes have a chunky Yeezy silhouette and are built with a leather and mesh upper, and have a full-length Boost insole.

Reports on the fit of the Yeezy 700 Boot vary quite a bit, but most people seem to find them to be true to size. So if you’re usually a size 9 in other shoes, you’ll likely be good with a size 9 in the 700 Boots as well.

The Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner is offered in men’s sizes 6-13 and women’s sizes 7-14. The shoe has a comfortable fit, and we suggest ordering your true size.

3. Yeezy Boost 750 Sizing

The Boost 750 is another popular style of Yeezy shoe that comes in both men’s and women’s sizes.

That said, some people find that the Yeezy 750s are too wide or too long for their feet. So if you have wide feet, we would recommend ordering the usual size.

However, those with narrow feet can have minor sizing issues. If this is the case for you, you may want to consider going down a half-size or choosing a different style of Yeezy shoe altogether.

4. Yeezy Desert Boot Sizing

The Yeezy Desert Boot is a newer style of Yeezys that’s becoming popular. They’re built with a suede and nubuck upper, and they have a gum rubber sole.

When it comes to sizing, Yeezy Desert Boots tend to run large, so you may want to order a half size down.

5. Yeezy Slides Sizing

The Yeezy Slide is a slip-on style of Yeezys that’s perfect for summer. They’re built with a synthetic upper and a rubber sole, and they come in a variety of colors.

When it comes to sizing, the Yeezy Slides run true a little small, so you should order a size up.

However, just like with any other type of shoe, it’s always best to try them on before buying them to make sure they fit well.

For more details on Yeezy slides sizing, see this related article: Do Yeezy Slides Run Big or Small?

My Personal Experience With Yeezys

Yeezy Boosts
Source –

I have been a big fan of Kanye West since his early days in the music industry. I remember being fascinated by his unique style and originality.

When he released his first album, I was hooked. I loved his music, and I loved his fashion sense. So, when he released his own line of shoes with Adidas, I knew I had to get my hands on a pair.

I finally got my chance last year when the Yeezy Boost 350 V2s were released. I was so excited to get my hands on a pair of these highly coveted shoes. I ordered my pair online and eagerly awaited their arrival.

When they finally arrived, I was not disappointed. The shoes were even more beautiful in person. They were also very comfortable. I could tell that a lot of thought had gone into their design.

Why I Recommend Going Half A Size Up With Yeezy Boost 350 V2?

However, there was one problem. The shoes were quite smaller. I ordered my usual size, but they were at least a half size too small. I was so disappointed. I had to return them and get a bigger size.

Overall, I am very happy with my Yeezy shoes. They are beautiful and comfortable. However, I would caution anyone considering buying a pair to order at least a half size up from their usual size. Otherwise, you may end up having size issues like me.

Are Yeezys Narrow Or Wide?

Regarding their fit, Yeezys are definitely on the narrow side. I have fairly narrow feet, so I don’t have any issues with them being too tight.

However, if you have wider feet, you might want to go up a size or two. Overall, they are extremely comfortable, and I can wear them all day without having any problems.

Tips For Getting The Right Fit For Your Yeezys

Adidas Yeezy Boost V2 Shoes
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Designed by Kanye West, Yeezys have become synonymous with style, luxury, and exclusivity. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you get the right size Yeezy for your feet:

1. Do some research:

One of the best ways to figure out what size Yeezy you need is to do a little bit of research. Check out online forums and reviews to see what others are saying about the fit of Yeezy sneakers.

2. Try them on (if possible):

If you have the opportunity to try on a pair of Yeezys before you buy them, take advantage of it! This is the best way to get a feel for how they fit and whether or not they’re comfortable.

3. Know your size:

Before ordering Yeezys online or from a retailer, make sure you know your US shoe size. This will help ensure that you get the right size sneaker.

4. Check the return policy:

Finally, be sure to check the return policy of the retailer you’re buying from. That way, if you do end up with a pair of Yeezys that doesn’t fit quite right, you can return them for a different size.

Following these tips should help you get the perfect fit when buying Yeezy sneakers.

How Is The Overall Fit Of Yeezys?

When it comes to the overall quality of Yeezy shoes, there is no doubt that they are extremely comfortable.

  • The material used in the construction of these shoes is also of high quality, making them durable.
  • You will not have to worry about your feet slipping inside the shoes while you are walking or running.
  • In addition, the laces of these shoes are also designed in such a way that they do not come undone easily. This is another advantage that you can enjoy while wearing Yeezy shoes.
  • Besides, the arch support that these shoes provide is also commendable.

Overall, you can say that the Yeezy shoes are extremely comfortable and offer great support to your feet.

How Do Yeezys Differ From Other Shoes?

Yeezy Foam Runners

First and foremost, these sneakers are designed to be snug and comfortable – so they will definitely feel tighter than your average pair of shoes.

Additionally, the materials used in construction can also affect the fit – for example, the Boost material in the midsole is known to be slightly stiffer than other foam-based materials.

That being said, most people find that some Yeezys do indeed run slightly small – so if you’re between sizes, it’s best to go up rather than down.

Of course, this isn’t a universal rule – some people found that their Yeezys fit true to size, while others found that they ran a little bit large.

If you find your Yeezys are feeling a little loose, you could consider buying a pair of shoe insoles.

Ultimately, it’s best to try them on in person (or buy from a retailer like Amazon with a good return policy) to decide for yourself.

Should You Get A Pair Of Yeezy Slides or Shoes?

Yeezy is a fashion brand offering a range of clothing and footwear items, all of which are designed with a unique, modern aesthetic.

Yeezy is particularly well-known for its sneakers, which have been worn by celebrities and style icons all over the world. There is no denying that Yeezy is a successful and popular brand.

So, who is Yeezy meant for?

In general, Yeezy is meant for people who appreciate high-quality design and are willing to pay for it. The brand’s clothing and shoes are certainly not cheap, but it is made with care and attention to detail.

Additionally, Yeezy’s target market is fairly broad – the brand has something to offer everyone, from fashion-savvy teenagers to adults who are looking for a unique style. You will see a lot of high school boys wearing Yeezys.

Ultimately, whether or not you “like” Yeezy is a matter of personal taste. However, there is no doubt that the brand has a lot to offer those who appreciate good design and are willing to pay for it.

The Final Verdict On Yeezy Shoe Sizing

Are Yeezys TTS
Source –

I’ve been wearing Yeezys for a while now, and I have to say that they are incredibly comfortable and have a great fit. The style is also very unique and different from any other brand out there. Overall, I absolutely love Yeezys!

Yeezys are often described as “sporty-chic” and have a very modern and contemporary look.

The shoes are available in various colors, but the most popular ones are usually neutral shades like black, white, and grey. I personally love the way they look with skinny jeans and a casual top.

Should You Go Up A Size With Yeezy?

Overall, Yeezys tend to run a bit small, so it’s often best to go up a half size or even a full when ordering them.

Of course, the best way to find out your perfect Yeezy size is to try them on in person if possible. However, that’s not always an option.

If you’re buying Yeezys online, make sure to read the sizing chart carefully before making your purchase. And remember, if, in doubt, it’s always better to go up a size rather than down.

All in all, whether the new release is through Adidas Sneakers or under the name of Yeezy Gap or any other brand, Yeezys are the hottest sneakers on the market right now!

We hope this guide has been helpful in finding your perfect Yeezy size. Do you have any questions about Yeezy Adidas shoes and their fit? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy shopping!

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